Bolesworth Awards Top Grooms

The Bolesworth team took the opportunity to spring a surprise on three grooms today after the completion of the intense Al Shira’aa 7yo Final.

Unbeknown to them, all grooms working at the event were secretly observed and ‘judged’ for their immeasurable behind-the-scenes skills. They are an integral part of the horse and rider team, as much for their love of the animals as for their support of their riders. The judges were looking for the best all-rounder, observing the stables set-up, the turnout of the horses and the way they’re managed, etc.

The top three 2022 Best of Bolesworth grooms are:

1. Gerry McClusky, groom to Louise Saywell.

2. Chester Jarran, groom to Joe Clayton.

3. Becca Bodie, groom to George Whitaker.

All three grooms were pleasantly surprised to receive the recognition, saying that it was the first time they had ever received awards and that it was nice to be appreciated. They all agreed, however, that their reward is working with the horses.

Nina Barbour, Bolesworth’s managing director said; “We feel it’s really important for people to realise the amount of hard work that goes on behind the scenes. The really successful riders have amazing grooms who don’t just manage the horses but give support to the rider to get mentally prepared prior to competitions, while also acting as logistics manager, etc. We wanted to look at the whole package and bring awareness to the year-round hard-work these guys put in.”