What's Fibre Up From Dodson & Horrell?

Dodson & Horrell is one of the most respected names in horse feed in the UK, and the brand is also one of our trusted sponsors here at Bolesworth. One of the latest products, Fibre Up, launched at the Dodson & Horrell Bolesworth International Horse Show in 2022, so we thought you might appreciate the inside track on this great fibre feed.

Fibre Up is an all-in-one conditioning feed that’s been formulated to support healthy digestion at the same time as being fully balanced. It’s made to be low starch and low sugar, making it ideal for a range of horses including those who need to gain condition while retaining a calm approach. It’s been designed to sensibly build condition, making it suitable for horses at any level of work, from those just coming back into work after injury, youngsters starting their ridden life, poor doers, and even those prone to gastric ulcers.

What’s in the bag?

Each 18kg bag of Fibre Up contains so much more than just fibre, in fact, it also features:

Immune support thanks to the vitamin E and QLC Natural Antioxidant Blend

Condition support due to the added lysine, vitamins and high oil content

Hoof & coat support from the high levels of biotin, zinc and methionine

Digestive support due to the inclusion of Prebiotic FOS, Probiotic Actisaf yeast, mint and basil

How much do you need to feed?

It’s suggested that 500g per 100kg bodyweight is fed per day in conjunction with free access to forage. However, Dodson & Horrell fully appreciates how hard it can be to work out the perfect diet for your horse, so the team is on hand to help you find the right product and feeding plan for your horse.

How can you get a personalised feeding plan for your horse, for free?

Dodson & Horrell has a dedicated nutritional helpline that you can contact by calling 01270 782223 or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Alternatively, if you have 10 or more horses at your yard (they don’t have to be all your own horses, you can team up with horsey friends and liveries on your yard) you can book a member of the Dodson & Horrell team to visit your yard at no cost at all. Just fill in the yard visit form online https://www.dodsonandhorrell.com/yard-visit